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Hi @tstellar welcome to the team!

I adjusted the member list in the documentation (https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fesco/).

Currently the fesco page returns 404. This is probably because I renamed the master branch to main. I also added an compat alias, but we need to wait for another automatic update to see if that works.

@kevin will you take care of updating list memberships and such?

We wanted to revisit the meeting time after the elections. Please vote on

FYI, there's a new-fesco-member template for new members:

It's time to onboard XXX, a new FESCo member.

I'll take care of the tasks that haven't already been covered.

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All of the updates are done. I'll leave this ticket open if you want to use it for tracking the whenisgood, but I suggest closing this and dealing with the schedule separately.

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@ngompa, @mohanboddu, @dcantrell, @sgallagh — please vote when you get the chance.

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