#2697 please document bot account policy
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This is a followup to #2624, which I think either establishes or clarifies bot account policy, which is:

AGREED: Bot accounts are allowed, but MUST create a wiki page with
contact information for the human(s) running the bot and what it
does. If the bot causes immediate problems, ask releng to disable
it. If longer term problems, bring to fesco like for any maintainer.
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Could this go in https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fesco/ please, either on some new page or on a "misc FESCo policies" page? We've got too many things where these policies require archeology to discover. :) (Not just FESCo, I mean, like, all of us in Fedora in general.)

I think this is for dist-git/package-manipulation bots, but it seems reasonable for accounts in general.

And for the sake of not filing more tickets than necessary, two further comments about the policy:

  1. The ticket has the proposal from @zbyszek that bots have "bot" at the end of the username and "Bot" as a substring in their name field. That didn't make it into the policy, but I think maybe it should as a "SHOULD" rather than a "MUST".
  2. It'd be helpful to have more metadata about bots in the account system. A "this is a bot account" field seems like it would be lovely (plumbed through to the Fedora Accounts front end), but failing that, what about a "bot" group?

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Done now. The new text should be available after the next rebuild (1h?).

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