#2684 F36 Change: Drop NIS(+) support from PAM
Closed: Accepted 11 months ago by zbyszek. Opened 11 months ago by bcotton.

This change is about dropping user-authentication using NIS(+) from PAM.

I'm putting a placeholder -1 on this to ensure we get it on the agenda for the meeting on Monday.

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11 months ago

Consider me +-0 on this one: on one hand we'll have to get rid of
insecure auth methods but on the other hand there's really no simple
alternative that ticks all the existing boxes.

+1 with good amount of documentation and informing the community/users.

This was discussed during today's meeting:
- AGREED: NIS/NIS+ will be removed from the distro in F36, contingent upon the inclusion of documentation and/or migration tools being made prominently available (+6, 0, 0) (zbyszek, 19:42:42)
- ACTION: besser82[m] will initiate the work on the article (zbyszek, 19:44:30)
- ACTION: StephenGallagher will help too (zbyszek, 19:45:24)

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- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

11 months ago

Should one expect to see the new NIS->LDAP(?) migration documentation some time before change completion deadline?

Change checkpoint (completion deadline) was five days ago, and beta freeze is in eight days. Is it too soon to hope for the new NIS->something transition documentation? Is this Change the right place to look, or is it this twin, or elsewhere?


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