#2684 F36 Change: Drop NIS(+) support from PAM
Closed: Accepted 2 months ago by zbyszek. Opened 2 months ago by bcotton.

This change is about dropping user-authentication using NIS(+) from PAM.

I'm putting a placeholder -1 on this to ensure we get it on the agenda for the meeting on Monday.

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2 months ago

Consider me +-0 on this one: on one hand we'll have to get rid of
insecure auth methods but on the other hand there's really no simple
alternative that ticks all the existing boxes.

+1 with good amount of documentation and informing the community/users.

This was discussed during today's meeting:
- AGREED: NIS/NIS+ will be removed from the distro in F36, contingent upon the inclusion of documentation and/or migration tools being made prominently available (+6, 0, 0) (zbyszek, 19:42:42)
- ACTION: besser82[m] will initiate the work on the article (zbyszek, 19:44:30)
- ACTION: StephenGallagher will help too (zbyszek, 19:45:24)

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2 months ago

Should one expect to see the new NIS->LDAP(?) migration documentation some time before change completion deadline?

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