#2665 F35 incomplete Changes: Code complete (100% complete) deadline
Opened 2 months ago by bcotton. Modified 16 days ago

On Tuesday, 24 August we reached the Change Checkpoint: Completion deadline (100% complete). At this milestone all the F35 Changes should be fully complete, which is indicated by "ON_QA" status of a tracking bug. A Bugzilla query shows all the tracking bugs which are not in "ON_QA" state and are not considered complete. System-Wide Changes with the contingency date in bold are past the stated contingency date.

These changes are presented for FESCo review to determine what action should be taken.

Note: Due to either human or BZ error (or both!), bugs still in MODIFIED or earlier state did not get a reminder comment yesterday, so some of these are probably done and just need an update to the BZ tracker.

System-Wide Changes

  • CompilerPolicy Change
    • Owner: @law, @tstellar
    • Contingency plan: It seems like we could institute the policy change anytime we choose. But it also seems like once the policy change is in place, packages that are going to convert should do so before beta freeze.
    • Contingency deadline: can ship with this feature in an incomplete state
    • Note: Pending PRs mentioned in 2660 have been merged, so this may be complete.
  • LTO Build Improvements
    • Owner: @law
    • Contingency plan: Proposal owner will only commit the RPM macro changes once the opt-in package set has been identified and opt-ins added to those package's spec files. So no special contingency mechanism should be needed
    • Contingency deadline: It is most beneficial to have this completed before the mass rebuild; however, the drop dead date should be beta freeze.


[rpmautospec - removing release and changelog fields from spec files] (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/rpmautospec) set to ON_QA

Boost 1.76 upgrade was done.

"Replace the Anaconda product configuration files with profiles" is set to ON_QA now.


A note on the WirePlumber change: it was set to ON_QA by the owner without further comment, but @adamwill's question about the status has gone unanswered.

Moved Kinoite to ON_QA

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