#2630 F35 Change: libmemcached-awesome
Closed: Accepted 3 months ago by zbyszek. Opened 3 months ago by bcotton.

Switch from libmemcached to libmemcached-awesome

Asked on the devel list for some clarification on how this maintained fork will be packaged in Fedora. I'm fine with moving to a maintained fork, but the proposal is unclear on the mechanics of the packaging. Are we getting a new package or is the existing libmemcached package just changing its Source0?

There's a package review that was approved by @zbyszek, so it looks like it's getting a new source package.

I would prefer we just update the existing package, rather than getting a new source package, though.

Notice: the new package name matches the new project name, and the rename was an explicit request from the author of the old project.

BTW, this can be considered as a "package rename" with new source (as all content is the same)

@dcantrell asked a question, but it has been answered in full, and there hasn't been any further discussion…

APPROVED (+6, 0, 0)


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