#2621 F35 Change: Build Fedora Cloud Images with Hybrid BIOS+UEFI Boot Support
Closed: Accepted 3 years ago by zbyszek. Opened 3 years ago by bcotton.

With recent changes in public cloud widely accepting the use of UEFI boot, it would be consistent to add hybrid boot in support of both unifying the legacy (BIOS) and UEFI boot to the Fedora Linux cloud base images.

I'd like to fast-track this so that this can be implemented as early as possible (to maximize any potential debug time with image creation tool teams and possible OpenQA/cloud debugging, though I don't expect issues).

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- Issue tagged with: fast track

3 years ago

Approved via fast track (+7,0,-0)

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- Issue tagged with: pending announcement

3 years ago

Announced in today's agenda.

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3 years ago

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