#2603 F35 Change: Compiler Policy Change
Closed: Accepted a month ago by churchyard. Opened 2 months ago by bcotton.

Fedora has historically forced packages to build with GCC unless the upstream project for the package only supported Clang/LLVM. This change proposal replaces that policy with one where, given a good technical reason, a packager may:

  • Choose to build with their package with clang even if the upstream project supports gcc.
  • Choose to build with gcc even if upstream does not support it.

The goal is to give the packager the ability to use their own technical judgement to choose the best compiler.

Note this change is only for compiler selection. It does not change existing policies WRT runtime library selection, linker selection, debuggers, etc.

The discussion on fedora-devel raised some interesting concerns. In particular the long-term effects of some important projects only supporting a specific compiler could be quite significant. I agree that distros following the upstream choice here could have a bad effect. But those negative effects are more hypothetical concerns and it's hard to foresee how things will develop. On the other hand, the positive effects of giving more flexibility to maintainers are pretty immediate and clear. For me, making maintainer life easier here and now weighs more.


After 7 days, this is just (+1,0,-0), keeping open.

I agree with @zbyszek . +1

And if it really turns out that there are negative consequences, we can always revert the decision later.

With the additional +1, this proposal is approved by policy.

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