#2598 F35 Change: Package information on ELF objects
Opened 17 days ago by bcotton. Modified 3 days ago

All binaries (executables and shared libraries) are annotated with an ELF note that identifies the rpm distributing this file.


I'm not convinced that this is a good idea, given that it will stamp all binaries with package information, essentially destroying most of the benefits of RPMCoW and messing up the hardlink/reflink stuff done by RPM-OSTree to conserve space and deduplicate content across OSTree revisions.

I share the concerns, but I won't vote yet, as I was not yet able to read the entire discussion about this.

Not in favor - tho not a voting member either.

Primary reason is the churn on the files between releases, eliminating the chance for CoW when we've got a better handle on reproducible compilation long term.
Secondary is that crash report collection implies collation. Existing data includes build-ids which are trivial to index on the collation side and map back to package versions.

Tagging with meeting as it got negative votes.

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9 days ago

I haven't been able to get around to this in time for today's meeting (long weekend, yay!!). Please bump it once more until next week.

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