#2596 F35 Change: Switching Cyrus Sasl from BerkeleyDB to GDBM
Closed: Accepted 3 months ago by zbyszek. Opened 3 months ago by bcotton.

cyrus-sasl package was built with libdb requirement, now it is replaced by gdbm.

While the change is fine in general, I think the coordination and contingency mechanisms need more thought.

Placeholder 0 for now.

Agree with @zbyszek. It is not clear to me how you would revert to the previous database format. I assume that the previous file(s) would remain in place and it would just be used if the change had to be reverted in the package, but that is not clear to me in the proposal.

From a technical standpoint, why gdbm and not sqlite?


From a technical standpoint, why gdbm and not sqlite?

I believe you got the answer on the mailing list, but to reiterate here: SQLite is not an option for Cyrus-SASL, and gdbm was the best option to choose of the alternatives to BDB.

@dcantrell Do you want to revise your vote?

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3 months ago

This was discussed in today's FESCo meeting:
AGREED: APPROVED (+6, 0, 0) with the following qualification:
move cyrus-sasl db change contingency deadline to F35 branch date (2021-08-10), add maybe/yes affected dependent packages to the change proposal page for easier tracking, add test plan for affected packages once changes land.

Announced in today's meeting summary.

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3 months ago

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