#2579 F35 Change: Autoconf-2.71
Closed: Accepted a year ago by zbyszek. Opened a year ago by bcotton.

Autoconf upgrade from version 2.69 to the last upstream version 2.71 in Fedora.

After a week, I count the vote as :cactus: :rolling_tumbleweed.png: :cactus:

Waiting for additional (or any) votes

This is still under discussion on the mailing list, but it sounds like the general consensus is that we should pull it in, but how we do so is not yet fully clear.

I'm okay with voting +1 on the expectation that the details will get worked out.

-1 to prevent autoapproval. I'd like have the discussion figured out first. Especially wrt the compat package.

A compat package will be created.


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a year ago

This was discussed during today's FESCo meeting:
APPROVED (+5, 0, 0)

@odubaj Please add the information to the Scope section who is expected to update packages to use the compat package: either the Change Owners, i.e. you, or other package maintainers.

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a year ago

Other developers:
- Check if their packages can be build with autoconf-2.71, if not, they are required to use autoconf2.69-2.69 compat package and also are required to make the appropriate changes to their packages.

Cool, thanks.

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