#2575 Clarification on default service start guidelines
Opened 3 months ago by sgallagh. Modified 12 days ago

I realized today while looking into a preset request that https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/packaging-guidelines/DefaultServices/ does not say anything at all about enabling default services that are not packaged in Fedora.

For a specific example: suppose that a particular VM host provides its guest tools only as a closed-source binary that they ship. Do we permit them to request the inclusion of their service in presets under the reasoning that it would enhance users' performance on those systems, or do we disallow any non-Fedora software from being included in the presets?

I can certainly see arguments for both approaches, so I think it's up to FESCo to make the decision.

It is my opinion that such topics should be discussed on devel list before they are brought to FESCo to make a decision.

So... what do we do with this? @sgallagh maybe start a thread on fedora-devel?

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12 days ago

Sorry for the long delay on this. I've started a discussion on the mailing list now.

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12 days ago

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