#2567 F34 Change: Disable Python 2 Dist RPM Generators and Freeze Python 2 Macros
Closed: Accepted 2 months ago by zbyszek. Opened 3 months ago by bcotton.

The python2.7dist() and python2dist() automatic provides/requires from python-rpm-generators will no longer be automatically generated, no functional packages in Fedora use them. The python(abi) = 2.7 automatic provides/requires will be kept.

The python2-rpm-macros package will be removed from Fedora 34 and newer. The python2 RPM macros (/usr/lib/rpm/macros.d/macros.python2) will be moved to python2.7 and frozen (no new development, except critical bugfixes that affect packages outside the remaining Python 2 ecosystem).

Note that Python 2 packages are already not allowed in Fedora, except explicitly granted exceptions.

I was a bit puzzled by missing feedback after I've amended the proposal but I see Neal agrees :)

+1 (the change owner)

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2 months ago

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