#2562 F35 Change: Retire python3.5
Closed: Accepted 3 years ago by zbyszek. Opened 3 years ago by bcotton.

The python3.5 package will be retired without replacement from Fedora 35. Python 3.5 has been End of Life since September 2020 and was kept around only to test software targeting Ubuntu 16.04 “Xenial Xerus” LTS and Debian 9 “Stretch” LTS. The removal is more or less aligned with Debian 9 EOL (2022-06-30) -- Fedora 34 EOLs on 2022-05-17. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS EOLs sooner, in April 2021.

+1 (I'm the change owner)

After a week, the vote is (+8,0,-0). Processing the change as approved.

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