#2512 Reduce noise on devel list
Opened 5 months ago by ausil. Modified 12 days ago

There is a lot of noise on the devel list with compose and QA reports. I believe that if we moved them to their own dedicated list people who get the benefit of them will be able to follow along, while devel can focus on discussions about development. I can not remember the last time a compose report triggered a discussion and the automated email to me is creating a lot of noise and little value.

I like this idea. However, can we please at least move the discussion about it to the list itself? Many people who follow that list don't follow FESCo tickets. Thanks

Let's close this. There's some discussion on fedora-devel. If any consensus is reached there, actions can be handled through releng tickets.

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please take action here. the noise from composes is really high

Well ... there was some discussion on the mailing list, with most people finding at least the rawhide / branched compose reports somewhat useful, if I remember correctly.

But there are also lots of other reports being sent to the devel list, and some are sent to both devel and test lists:

  • Fedora branched + Rawhide compose report (devel only)
  • Fedora branched + Rawhide compose check report (devel + test)
  • Fedora IoT 34 / Rawhide compose check report (devel + test)
  • Fedora Cloud 32 + 33 + 34 + Rawhide compose check report (devel + test)

I'd argue that as a first step, the compose check reports should be sent to the test list only, which should eliminate most of the noise on the devel list, while keeping the "useful" reports. @ausil what do you think?

So much noise for some people that find some reports useful occasionally, judging from the discussion on the list. IMO, everything should be moved to other list(s). This is like the vi vs. nano discussion: if you know how to read these reports, you know how to find the proper list and subscribe to it.

I am afraid that the consensus is to do nothing here. Will close this issue in a week if there is no proposal to vote on.

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