#2507 F34 Change: GNU Toolchain update (gcc 11, glibc 2.33)
Closed: Accepted a year ago by sgallagh. Opened a year ago by bcotton.

Switch the Fedora 34 GNU Toolchain to gcc 11, binutils 2.35, and glibc 2.33.

The binutils 2.35 change is being tracked here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/BINUTILS235

The gcc 11 and glibc 2.33 change will be tracked in this top-level GNU Toolchain system-wide update.

Are there Wiki pages for the GCC 11 and glibc 2.33 Changes? I find only a page for binutils 2.35, which does not mention gcc or glibc.

Thank you. I was not able to find it :(

However, the mass rebuild schedule means Fedora 34 will mass rebuild (if required) after glibc 2.33 upstream freezes ABI for release, but before the actual release, so careful attention must be paid to any last minute ABI changes.

How likely are last-minute ABI changes? I'd rather delay the mass rebuild for a few days than have to do a second one.

given that Rawhide has started tracking glibc 2.33, no show-stopper problems are expected.

Well, I can think of at least one: The faccessat2 syscall change that broke all systemd-nspawn and docker based containers of Fedora 34+. While systemd in Fedora and on COPR has been fixed and updated, and the fix for docker is upstream, it will probably take ages until cloud providers will deploy a version of docker with that fix ... so I'd rather have a workaround in Fedora 34 instead of it being borked on those platforms for an unspecified amount of time (with rather weird symptoms, so the failure is not obvious at all).

That said, +1 to the Change.

I'm kinda unhappy the page was named "GNUToolchain" without any versioning or whatnot. I think we're going to regret that later...

I'm kinda unhappy the page was named "GNUToolchain" without any versioning or whatnot. I think we're going to regret that later...

It can be renamed. Mediawiki makes automatic redirects, and it's better to rename so that the old URL does not become too widespread.

This has a +7. I'm adding a request for Fast Track because I would like to get this landed in Rawhide this week (following a mini-mass-rebuild we are starting in a side-tag for ELN today using this new toolchain to ensure no surprises).

If anyone opposes this, please vote -1 before tomorrow's meeting so we can discuss it there.

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That's not how the fast track is supposed to work though?
If you want to move this faster than the usual 7 days, we could just add it to the agenda of the meeting tomorrow ...

Well, given that it already has a super-majority of votes, I didn't think it was worth wasting time at the meeting on it.

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@decathorpe Proposals to address the faccessat2 issue with workarounds have been rejected by both kernel developers and glibc developers. (I've posted concrete proposal with patches.) A fix for runc and libseccomp is being worked on.

@fweimer oh ... thanks for working on this! I hope the necessary changes to runc and libseccomp get released and deployed everywhere before fedora 34 ships though :(

  • AGREED: F34 Change: GNU Toolchain update (gcc 11, glibc 2.33) is accepted (+7, 0, -0) (sgallagh, 15:15:45)

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