#2503 F34 Self-Contained Change: Stratis 2.2.0
Closed: Accepted 2 years ago by sgallagh. Opened 3 years ago by bcotton.

Stratis 2.2.0 now places Stratis filesystem symlinks in /dev/stratis, rather than /stratis. Stratis creates and maintains the symlinks by means of udev rules, rather than directly via stratisd as previously. The /stratis directory is neither created nor used by stratisd 2.2.0.

stratisd and stratis-cli 2.2.1 were already pushed to rawhide, so I'll vote +1, I guess?

+1 (I guess? There's not much to vote against?)

After a week, the vote is (+4,0-0). Processing this change as accepted.

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3 years ago

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