#2501 F34 System-Wide Change: Remove nscd in favour of sssd and systemd-resolved
Closed: Accepted 2 years ago by sgallagh. Opened 2 years ago by bcotton.

This proposal intends to replace the nscd cache for named services with systemd-resolved for the hosts database and the sssd daemon for everything else.

I don't feel like I can make an informed decision for or against this Change, since I don't understand the problem well enough and the discussion on the devil list had mixed opinions as well. ±0

I think we should wait for the discussion to proceed further on fedora-devel.
- nscd is in a separate subpackage and not enabled by default
- dropping nscd reduces the maintainance burden and immediately allows a bunch of thorny bugs to be closed
- dropping nscd does not cause any change for users who haven't opted in
- because it's a separate package, dropping nscd is not relevant for minimization efforts as the term is generally understood
- there are clearly some users of nscd, and they would need to adjust. At least some of those users will be served sufficiently by systemd-resolved.
- There might be some nscd users for whom systemd-resolved is not a good fit. I hope the discussion on fedora-devel will help clarify this.

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2 years ago

I am still trying to catch up with the discussion on devel. I don't have an idea of the number of nscd users because it's not something I often hear people talk about. So I would guess there either are not a lot of nscd users -or- they are all quiet because it works fine.

Regardless, understanding the nscd use cases and making sure there's a transition plan for them would be in order.

I did see a concern regarding musl's use of nscd. I'm not sure how much that matters for Fedora, though we do offer the musl library+toolchain.

We discussed this in today's fesco meeting (
@submachine Do you know what glibc upstream wrt. to nscd are, i.e. might it be dropped there too?
Also, would it be possible to slow the removal down a bit: in F34 deprecate the package and mark it as Provides: deprecated() and announce the intent to remove, and then only remove it in F35?

@zbyszek There is currently no discussion upstream regarding possibly dropping nscd.

In Fedora, yes, deprecating in F34 and announcing the intent to remove is possible and okay with us.

@submachine Could you please update the change proposal to include that?

(Also, procedural -1 from me to prevent automatic approval.)

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2 years ago

@submachine Please update the proposal so we can vote on it.

+1 for updated proposal. Thanks.

  • AGREED: Deprecation of nscd is approved for F34, removal of nscd is approved for F35 (+6, 0, -0) (sgallagh, 15:27:11)
  • ACTION: arjun will split the Change proposal for F34 and F35 and update the FESCo ticket with the new links. (sgallagh, 15:27:48)

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

@submachine I will wait to process this change until you've made the necessary edits to the page to split into deprecation and removal steps.

I have edited the RemoveNSCD page back to describe removal (now in Fedora 35):

I have created a new page DeprecateNSCD, to track deprecation in Fedora 34:


LGTM. I edited the page for F35 to also include dropping support for nscd in systemd.

Thanks for the edit, and for submitting the systemd pull request.

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