#2499 F34 Self-Contained Change: MariaDB 10.5
Opened 24 days ago by bcotton. Modified 2 days ago

Update of MariaDB ('mariadb' package) in Fedora from 10.4 to 10.5 version.


EDIT: Well, +1, other than the contingency mechanism being not a contingency mechanism, again. Pointing users towards the 10.4 module if the "ursine" packages are broken isn't good. So -1 for now, until that is clarified.

Pretty much -1 on the contingency mechanism as well. The discussion seemed to move to a direction to change it, but so far it did not happen.

We're still waiting for an update of the contingency mechanism.

I update the contingency plan to state that it is the revert of the change by bumping mariadb epoch

A week after the update, this is (+5, 0, -0). The change is APPROVED.

Metadata Update from @churchyard:
- Issue tagged with: pending announcement

2 days ago

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