#2486 F34 System-Wide Change: DNS Over TLS
Closed: Accepted 18 hours ago by decathorpe. Opened 13 days ago by bcotton.

Fedora will attempt to use DNS over TLS (DoT) if supported by configured DNS servers.

I don't think I understand the negative points that were raised on the devel list - the Change proposal makes it sound like all that would change is that by default, DNS queries are attempted via TLS, with falling back to plain DNS queries if the server doesn't support TLS. So I have no idea why people bring up DNSSEC problems, to me that's an orthogonal issue ("caused" by the switch to systemd-resolved in F33 and not related to this F34 change).

That said, I'm +1 on this Change (unless somebody convinces me that I'm wrong above)

After one week, I count the vote as (+2,0,-0). Waiting for an additional week or an additional +1, whichever comes first.

+1 I would really like to see bugs/issues in resolved fixed, but I don't see a great reason to block this while doing so.

I count four +1 votes after 12 days.

APPROVED (+4, 0, -0)

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18 hours ago

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