#2485 F34 Self-Contained Change: Compress Kernel Firmware
Closed: Accepted 18 hours ago by decathorpe. Opened 13 days ago by bcotton.

Compress Kernel Firmwares to reduce on disk size

After one week, I count the vote as (+3,0,-0). Processing the change as accepted.

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- Issue tagged with: pending announcement

5 days ago


Followup question... while I have no objections to compressing firmware files, is there any process in place to trim the firmware file set? Are we including anything where we don't enable the driver in the kernel, for instance? Maybe? And maybe it only saves a tiny amount of space, but just curious if there is any effort on that front.

I count four +1 votes after 12 days.

APPROVED (+4, 0, -0)

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18 hours ago

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