#2472 F34 System-Wide Change: Wayland by Default for KDE Plasma Desktop
Closed: Accepted 2 years ago by churchyard. Opened 2 years ago by bcotton.

Change the default session selection in SDDM to prefer the Wayland-based KDE Plasma Desktop session over the X11-based one.

Hmm, the feedback on the mailing list has not been very positive. Only two people (Erich E. and John M.H.) said they support the switch. Other people either voiced disagreement or pointed out specific problems: second screen support, no keymappings, broken keyboad indicator, no screen sharing, issues with sddm falback to X11. None of the issues seem completely insurmountable — in fact I expect that us switching would give upstream a strong push to resolve some of those issues. Things like the keyboard indicator and some of the other more localized bugs should be easily fixable in this time frame. OTOH, there clearly are still quite many issues. I think we could try to do the switch, if the fallback to X11 works reasonably well. But even that doesn't seem foolproof. Overall, I would love to see a bit more feedback from other KDE users and early testers.

I'm +1, provided that we are serious about activating the contingency plan at Beta Freeze if the experience remains poor.

... I forgot to mention one thing: @eeickmeyer raises an important issue: long-term, pipewire seems to be future. Also, obviously long-term X11 needs to be replaced by wayland. So we can't keep the transition off indefinitely. The question is whether we should switch the default now, or whether we should keep working on improving the wayland experience while keeping the X11 variant the default for now.

The reason I proposed it now is to maximize the time we have it running to work with KDE upstream on ironing things out by KDE Plasma 5.22, which is what I expect us to ship for Fedora 34.

Just to dovetail on what @zbyszek said, and to clarify:

Nobody is shipping KDE Plasma with Wayland by default. Unfortunately, where we're at is that unless somebody starts shipping it by default, there is no incentive for the upstream developers to work on any bugs, whether known or not. It is my belief that, with First being one of the Four Foundations, it needs to be us. We need to take that leap of faith, as it were, and be the ones forging that path and pushing upstream KDE to work on Plasma Wayland.

Is it going to be easy? No.
Is it going to be messy? Yes.

But, unless somebody does it, we're going to be stuck with the status quo and be looking at another 5 years before Plasma Wayland is "Ready", and by that time it will be on Qt6 with KF-6 and Plasma 6 being a thing we can see. Unfortunately, unless it gets worked on now, that Plasma 6 will be riddled with Wayland bugs since nobody was actively working on it. Obviously this is speculation, but you can see how easily that scenario could play-out.

I think the time is right, and the time is now. Somebody has to plow the road, and it needs to be us. We need this to be actively used so that we can know the bugs so that it can be worked on. It won't get worked on unless it's being used regularly with multiple eyes on it reporting bugs and testing fixes.

+1 (assuming that the contingency plan will be invoked if there are show-stopper issues)

+1 (assuming that the contingency plan will be invoked if there are show-stopper issues)

I am confused why people think that I wouldn't activate the contingency plan if we hit show-stoppers by F34 Beta. But yes, if it's actually really broken by beta freeze, we'll activate the contingency plan and postpone the switch to F35.

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