#2465 Nonresponsive maintainer: Fernando Nasser <fnasser>
Closed: Accepted 2 years ago by churchyard. Opened 2 years ago by decathorpe.

fas username: @fnasser
package: objectweb-asm, gnu-getopt, jakarta-oro, jgroups, saxpath
issues to fix: open RHBZs
nonresponsive maintainer bug: RHBZ#1868600
fedora-devel mail: devel list post from August 13
comainainers: @dwalluck @mizdebsk @jjohnstn @lef (non-responsive last year) @gil (non-responsive last year) @goldmann @dbhole @akurtakov
additional notes: jjames and I already updated objectweb-asm since it was blocking some bug-fixes and other updates.

According to koji, fnasser has not done any packaging work since 2010.

This is a ticket for the Fedora's Policy for nonresponsive package maintainers.

Metadata Update from @churchyard:
- Issue tagged with: nonresponsive maintainer

2 years ago

@decathorpe do you want to be added as a co-maintainer / take over later?

There's no hurry. Orphan the packages later, and I'll take the ones we need for the Java SIG.

A week has passed, at this point we shall ask the maintainer to respond, but they don't have a Pagure account, so I'll email them.

Funny, I did not receive any e-mail, I wonder why.

My interest on these packages was for the packaging of a JBoss server so if there is someone interested in taking over maintainership I wouldn't mind releasing them.

It is weird, you should've gotten several emails (either about objectweb-asm issues or about the nonresponsive bug) ...

Unused leaf packages in rawhide:

  • gnu-getopt
  • jgroups (is also FTBFS)

Not sure what you want to do with those packages, but they are no longer required by any other packages in fedora.

Packages that are still needed:

  • jakarta-oro: used by ant, ivy, log4j12, velocity
  • objectweb-asm: used by eclipse, jackson-modules-base, jctools, jmock, some maven plugins, plexus-containers, tycho, xmvn, etc.
  • saxpath: used by freemarker (← eclipse-cdt)
  • xml-commons-resolver: used by ant, pki-core (← FreeIPA), xml-maven-plugin (← eclipse stuff)

It would be great if the @java-maint-sig group had access to those packages without having to rely on provenpackagers to fix things :)

Metadata Update from @churchyard:
- Issue assigned to fnasser

2 years ago

so if there is someone interested in taking over maintainership I wouldn't mind releasing them.

@decathorpe So, may I reassign jakarta-oro, objectweb-asm, saxpath and xml-commons-resolver to you?

Giving rpms/jakarta-oro to decathorpe
Giving rpms/objectweb-asm to decathorpe
Giving rpms/saxpath to decathorpe
Giving rpms/xml-commons-resolver to decathorpe

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- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

2 years ago

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