#2425 F33 Self-Contained Change: Automatic RPM dependencies on Python Extras
Closed: Accepted 9 months ago by churchyard. Opened 9 months ago by bcotton.

The Python RPM dependency generator (that generates python3.Xdist(foo) requirements) will be adapted to also generate requirements on Python extras (e.g. python3.Xdist(foo[bar])) whenever upstream metadata indicate such dependency. An easy opt out mechanism will exist. A supported way of adding metapackages that provide such Python extras (e.g. python3.Xdist(foo[bar])) will be introduced. Change owners will add the missing metapackages that would otherwise cause broken dependencies (in non-modular packages).

This is welcome improvement for Python packaging.


I'm technically also +1.

APPROVED (+8, 0, -0)

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