#2402 F33 Self-Contained Change: Drop mod_php
Closed: Accepted 6 months ago by ignatenkobrain. Opened 6 months ago by bcotton.

mod_php (apache2handler) is an optional httpd module to execute PHP scripts, not used.

Even though it got some negative feedback in the devel@, I think it is the right way forward. Without taking such steps, we will never be able to fix all wrong guides around the internet and make sysadmins use proper technologies (php-fpm).


Yes, it's about time. +1

I have seen no technical arguments why we should keep this, and it's apparently been deprecated for years already.


-0. I haven't set up a php server in years, so I don't have any deep opinion, but from the discussion on the mailing list it seems that some people will be negatively affected by this. IIUC, the module could be provided as a subpackage without affecting either default installs and people who do not want it. The Change page doesn't mention any rationale except that it's been deprecated for a long time (which I don't see as strong enough of a reason) and that nobody uses it (which seems to be not quite true, since there were some voices on the mailing list to the contrary). It may be that there's a noticeable maintenance burden, which would be a good reason to drop the module, but I haven't seen that substantiated.

I'm ±0 for the same reasons as @zbyszek

APPROVED (+4, 2, -0)

I can no longer manage ticket but this has now been announced.

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