#2348 Python 2 exception for SeaMonkey
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What is the reason for the Python 2 build dependency?

Python2.7 still widely used at build time by Firefox and its derived projects, including SeaMonkey.

What are the upstream/community plans/timelines regarding Python 2?

Mozilla plans to migrate to python3 for building Firefox, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1496527
Since SeaMonkey plans to be based on "Firefox-60 code plus backports" only, it is likely that we will have a noticeable delay after the FF finished its switch to python3 (a time for non-trivial backport would be needed). IOW the exception might require one or two Fedora releases more than for the ordinary Firefox. :(

What is the guidance for porting the build to Python 3?

Probably wait for Firefox upstream, then try to apply things at SeaMonkey upstream. then ready to Fedora.

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To clarify, this is an exception request to use the interpreter (just the interpreter) to build the package. Correct?

Yes. Interpreter itself only, build time only.

+1 for this exception. Thanks for requesting it.

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