#2331 Policy exceptions for some bootloader packages.
Closed: Accepted 2 years ago by decathorpe. Opened 2 years ago by pjones.

Hi, Miro asked me to file this here.

I'd like to formalize the two sets of policy exclusions:
1) exclusion of shim-unsigned-x64, shim-unsigned-aarch64, shim, and grub2 from mass rebuilds, as they make little sense and will always produce an undesired result (or just fail for ACLs)
2) temporary exclusion from the FTBFS policy for shim-unsigned-x64, shim-unsigned-aarch64, and shim, while we get the upstream release of shim-16 ready.

1) +1 (can be done by putting noautobuild file to dist-git)

2) +1

Thanks for filing this.

Oh, also #1 should apply to pesign-test-app, the only purpose of which is to make sure our kernel builders still sign things right after we update them.

+1 to both points (including pesign-test-app from the previous comment in point 1).

Though Miro is right, putting that magic file into the dist-git repo should exclude it from mass rebuilds automatically.

The mass rebuild has started, but all packages from (1) already have the noautobuild file, so that should be good.

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