#2315 F32 System-Wide Change: Move fonts language Provides to Langpacks
Closed: Accepted 20 hours ago by dcantrel. Opened 8 days ago by bcotton.

Move Provides: font(:lang=...) from fonts packages into the langpacks package, giving predictable default fonts for language scripts.


Change page does not mention removal of Requires from fontconfig as I pointed on ML, but I guess @tagoh and @pnemade know that they will have to remove it otherwise whole thing will break :)

Actually rpm generates Provides: font(:lang=...) dependency for packages where fc-query command via /usr/lib/rpm/fontconfig.prov can extract it from font file. So, once fontconfig is patched not to extract that kind of dependency when fc-query is run for all such packages and all such packages are just rebuilt against new fontconfig, there will be no font(:lang=...) kind of dependencies auto generated any more.

e.g. See with existing fontconfig in F32,
$ fc-query --format '%{=pkgkit}' /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSans.ttf

After implementing this Change requirement in fontconfig
$ fc-query --format '%{=pkgkit}' /usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSans.ttf

There are no Provides: font(:lang=...) getting extracted.

Thus, mass-rebuild of font packages against new fontconfig will drop Provides: font(:lang=...) dependency.

I don't think we need to remove the only Requires: font(:lang=en) from fontconfig.

We are just manually setting Provides: font(:lang=...) for a better quality font, manually set in langpacks-core-font-<locale> sub-package.

Do langpack packages include fonts or dependencies on fonts? I do not completely understand the relationship between how langpack and font packages are constructed.

Do langpack packages include fonts or dependencies on fonts?

langpacks already depend on fonts: with this change we are consolidating the font(:lang=*) provides into langpacks-core-* so they pull in consistent fonts.

Please proof-read the change page: e.g. "mechanism is not unreliable. ", "with gurantee of quality" are reversed in meaning, the "Detailed Description" section has a few half-formed sentences.

Most importantly, the change text uses present tense to describe both status quo and the desired final state, so it is hard to understand what needs to change.

Check that langpacks-core-* pulls in the default expected font for the language.

So... the langpacks packages pull in or will pull in the appropriate fonts package. After reading the Change page, it is not clear if this is already the case, if some fixes to this are needed, or if it is something that is yet to be implemented. Since this is a crucial bit, please clarify this.
(I see @petersen's comment above that clarifies this, but please put this in the Change page).

+1, but please please make the change page easily readable since this particular change has a large interest to be of interest to inexperienced users.

+1 to the idea of this change, +1 to what @zbyszek said.

Thanks for the feedback on the Change text - I have edited a bit to make things clearer hopefully.

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