#2309 F32 System-Wide Change: Enable fstrim.timer by default
Closed: Accepted 7 months ago by psabata. Opened 7 months ago by bcotton.

Enabling fstrim.timer will cause fstrim.service to execute weekly, which in turn executes /usr/sbin/fstrim --fstab --verbose --quiet. The fstrim command informs physical storage device's firmware about unused blocks. And this hinting can make wear leveling and block erasure more efficient.

-1 based on ML feedback. I am :disappointed: that this was not withdrawn by owner.

On what technical basis would I withdraw it? This is the default on Ubuntu for ~5 years, and openSUSE 2+ years. In the mailing list thread there's +1 from the util-linux maintainer, and one +1 for cloud use case. Separately posted heads up to Cloud@ and Server@ lists, and while I didn't get any negatives from Cloud@, it was positive on Server@. Near as I can tell the negative on the mailing list is from one person.

The discussion is not entirely exhausted yet, but from what I have seen on the mailing list, I'm cautiously +1 right now.

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7 months ago

+1 from me.

I think the setup of the timer (Monday at 00:00, or at the next possible time) is nice and would mean that almost nobody should experience hangs during use (maybe a few seconds slower boot time at worst). So I see no reason not to do this.

We'll be discussing this next week. @chrismurphy, would it be possible to join us on #fedora-meeting-1, next Monday at 1500 UTC?

Approved (+6,3,-0) in today's meeting

Edited to correct vote count

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