#2249 Python 2 Exception for mozjs60
Closed: Accepted a year ago by ignatenkobrain. Opened a year ago by frantisekz.

I'd like to request an exception for mozjs60 to use Python 2 on buildtime. It does not require Python 2 on runtime. It does not require anything else than what's currently provided by python2-devel.

mozjs60 is JavaScript engine from Firefox 60. Upstream has some plans to port build tooling to Python 3 [0] , but that's not going to be merged into mozjs60 for sure.

mozjs60 is required by polkit and gjs (critical part of GNOME Shell). Next GNOME Shell should be based on mozjs68 [1], which is not yet packaged in Fedora and unfortunately still requires Python 2.

Once upstream Firefox moves to Python 3 tooling, mozjs is going to use that too, so this way, some future mozjs package won't require Python 2. But this might take a while.

I am planning to retire mozjs60 once there isn't anything depending on it (probably moved to newer mozjs).

$ dnf repoquery --whatrequires mozjs60

[0] https://m.wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/Python_3_Migration
[1] https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gjs/issues/270

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