#2241 F32 Self-Contained Change: Better Thermal Management for the Workstation
Opened 21 days ago by bcotton. Modified 2 days ago

Better thermal management and peak performance on Intel CPUs by including thermald in the default install.

There was no reply by the change owners in the thread. -1

After a week, this is +0,0,-4, according to the policy, I'm tagging it with meeting.

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- Issue tagged with: meeting

13 days ago

I'm actually not having the problems I mentioned in the devel@ thread - but I also can't tell that it makes any difference at all.

Is it practical to stuff this into updates-testing for a much longer period of time? Sorta like an opt in to endurance testing with a Fedora release? I kinda wonder if the change owners just need more data than they'd get from Rawhide users, but without risking everyone by default. But if it's not installed by default, how would it become installed if u-t is enabled (make enabling u-t the trigger).

We discussed this today's meeting:
AGREED: Ask the change owners to fill in the change page, revisit in two weeks (+9, 0, 0)

I'll also post on fedora-devel.

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2 days ago

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