#2238 GIMP: exception to continue using Python 2
Closed: Accepted 4 years ago by sgallagh. Opened 4 years ago by jridky.

Hello, we'd like to request a Python 2 exception for GIMP (gimp + gimp-layer-via-copy-cut + gimp-resynthesizer packages).

It needs the following Python 2 packages to run and build (apart from the interpreter itself):

  • pygobject2
  • pygtk2
  • pycairo

The maintainers of the 3 packages are ready to keep maintaining the Python 2 parts of their packages as long as GIMP needs them.

We consider GIMP important for Fedora users.

The gimp-layer-via-copy-cut and gimp-resynthesizer packages only use Python 2 because of GIMP and have no further Python 2 dependencies. There are other gimp-* packages out there, but none of them depends on Python directly (only trough GIMP), to clarify, we want to keep them as well.

See the discussion in https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1737933

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4 years ago

+1, even though keeping the graphics libs around doesn't make me happy.

+1, although I didn't see any mention of upstream plans down the road... are they going to move to python3 at some point, just not yet?


From GIMP upstream, they would like to have the python2 available for GIMP-2.10 as long as possible. They are already working on GIMP 3 with python3 support, but they haven't set any release date for this version yet.

Thanks, must have missed it when reading the bug.

I'm not sure this is the right approach. A flatpak for GIMP exists (https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.gimp.GIMP) so why don't we work towards delivering that instead of retaining the python2 stack in Fedora?

Adding this to the meeting agenda.

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4 years ago

As python-maint, we're happy to help keep a minimal Python2/GTK2 stack alive for a few specific applications where the maintainers cooperate.
We all agree it's temporary workaround (even though it may stick around for a long time). It doesn't matter much if it's later replaced by "Python 3 + traditional packaging" or "flawless integration of the Gimp flatpack". There's work to be done either way, so let's keep the status quo available in the mean time.

From Monday's meeting
GIMP is granted an exception to continue using Python 2 (+6, 0, -0)

Adding @ignatenkobrain makes it (+7, 0, -0)

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4 years ago

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