#2219 python2-mlt : exception to continue using python2
Closed: Accepted 5 months ago by psabata. Opened 5 months ago by sergiomb.


I'm submitting this exception to allow python2-mlt to continue using python2 to build, as state in [2] python2-mlt is use by flowblade [1] was announce python 3 for flowblade 2.4 , but is not yet released 2.2 :( meanwhile we need python2-mlt



It seems to me that python2-mlt also needs Python at runtime, not just to build.

There are no other dependencies, and there is a plan.


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meanwhile flowblade 2.4 has been released and packaged for RPMFusion.
so this exception is not anymore needed

yes , I may remove python2-mlt if flowblade with python 3 works

let us just give a few more days for users test it, ok ?

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