#2215 texlive-base: exception to use python2 in runtime
Closed: Accepted 2 years ago by psabata. Opened 2 years ago by spot.

texlive has python2 build dependencies. It is unclear if/when they will ever be resolved. Some of it has been ported to python3, and I have other changes that I am working on to enable improved Python 3 support.

An exception is necessary though.

To clarify, this is texlive-base and it is a runtime dependency, not a build dependency, correct? Only python2 interpreter seems to be needed:




note that texlive-pygmentex has an undeclared dependency on python2-pygments , do you also want an exception for that one and python2-setuptools that are needed for to build pygments?

dviasm python3 upstream issue https://github.com/khaledhosny/dviasm/issues/7

pythontex allows people to run Python code. I'm not sure it deserves the hard dependency on Python 2 - i.e. if I want to use it to run Python 3 code, it drags Python 2 in.

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@spot Is this texlive or texlive-base, build time or runtime?

Sorry, this is texlive-base. Everything in texlive should be noarch, and if there are python dependencies, they're only runtime.


Please downgrade to Suggests the dependency on python2 in texlive-pythontex. No reason to pull it in by default.

APPROVED (+2, 0, -0) Exception to use python2 at runtime for texlive-base (texlive-dviasm, texlive-pygmentex, texlive-pythontex (downgraded to suggests))

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