#2211 Fedora 32 schedule
Closed: Accepted 4 years ago by zbyszek. Opened 4 years ago by bcotton.

I present for FESCo's approval, the Fedora 32 schedule. This is substantially similar to the Fedora 31 schedule.

Additionally, @mattdm requested that I ask FESCo to grant blanket approval for this schedule for future releases. The plan is to target releases on the third Tuesday of April and October. Major deviations would still require FESCo approval, but this would allow easier planning for downstreams and the Fedora community because the schedule would be known well in advance.

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4 years ago

I'd like to add another point, between 8 and 9 (with the same date as 8):

  • fedora-repos update with the new keys is available in updates-testing (for all releases)

+1 with zbyszek's addendum.

LGTM but I'm curious, why is the release in late April instead of the usual early May?

We discussed this doing todays' FESCo meeting (2019-08-19):
AGREED: Approved (with the gpg keys addendum). Schedule is assumed to apply forever until changed. (+7, 0, 0)
ACTION: bcotton to add the gpg keys item to the schedule

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

Added the gpg keys item to the releng schedule two weeks before the branch date.

@catanzaro summarizing my answer to your question from the FESCo meeting:

  1. It makes the release schedules more balanced and easier to remember ("3rd Tuesday of $month")
  2. Our previous May-ish releases have ranged from April to July. I originally had it set for the 4th Tuesday of April, but that means a slip puts us in May. While it's only a one-week difference, the fact that the month rolls over gives the perception that it's a bigger slip, so there's a marketing aspect to it.

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