#2208 qt5-qtwebengine : exception to continue using python2 to build
Closed: Accepted 18 days ago by churchyard. Opened a month ago by rdieter.


I'm submitting this exception to allow qt5-qtwebengine to continue using python2 to build, similar to how/why chromium still does require it. As of this moment, python3 doesn't work (it's build system specifically searches for python2, and my attempts to patch to use python3 failed for unobvious reasons).

I'll reach out to upstream and follow chromium developments on migrating to python3.

I've talked to @spot at Flock and he said he'll check out the chromium status as well.

Either way, I think that a buildtime only dependency on the interpreter only is fine in this case, so consider me +1, because I expected to see a chromium exception request anyway.

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This is APPROVED (+4,0,-0)

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