#2161 FESCo Meeting Time
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We have a new FESCo with some changed members, so it's time to do the meeting-time-dance again:

I've created a WhenIsGood at http://whenisgood.net/fescomid2019 to fill out our availability.

@ignatenkobrain said he's fine with this slot last week.

@psabata Sure, but if it turns out that we all have another slot that works better than "5pm on a Friday night in central Europe", I think we should at least check.

Voted. Note that I still don't know my full schedule for next semester (starting in October), so I've decided to ignore the partial knowledge I have and will initiate a new vote in September, if it clashes. However if we want to avoid that, consider me blocked on Wednesdays.

We've heard back from everyone except @otaylor so far and we currently have four available slots:


Sorry for the late response! I've added myself to the WIG. Any of the available slots work for me. (though if we move the meeting time to Monday, I will miss the meeting on July 15th - taking a short family vacation at the beginning of next week.)

@otaylor thanks.

So somebody needs to decide / toss the coin now. Does anyone have strong preference? I'd lean a bit towards Mondays, not to have the Friday evening booked, but it's just a small preference.

Well, we said we would meet on Friday this week and change it after. If we move it to Monday, it seems more logical to have 8 days in between meetings rather than just a weekend, so I would expect it would be the 22nd, not the 15th.

I prefer Mondays over Fridays.

I prefer Mondays over Fridays, too. Mostly because I have more time to work on Fedora stuff over the weekends :)

I'm ok with either, but mondays hit holidays/people traveling less than fridays. A lot of our schedule milestones are on tuesday, so monday would be nicer there as well.

OK, let's wrap this up:
We'll meet this Friday (2019-07-12) at 15:00 UTC, and then we'll start meeting on Mondays (2019-07-22, etc), 15:00 UTC.

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@zbyszek have you updated the docs and wiki, or shall we keep this open until that happens? what IRC channel: #fedora-meeting or #fedora-meeting-1?

https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FESCo_meeting_process shouldn't be updated yet because we'll meet one more time on Friday. We can do them after the next meeting.

At @bcotton 's suggestion, I edited the meeting to add all FESCo members as organizers of it. If it needs adjustment, any of you should now have access.

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