#2159 Unresponsive Maintainer: gil
Closed: Accepted a month ago by churchyard. Opened 2 months ago by decathorpe.

Looking at bodhi and koji and bugzilla, it looks like all their contributions to fedora suddenly stopped in 2017.

They have not responded to weekly nagging FTBFS and needinfo reminders for their broken packages, either (see here1, here2, here3, for example).

My post to the devel list asking others for help has turned up nothing positive, either.

I request that all their packages be orphaned. They have either been unmaintained and/or broken for years, or others have been taking care of them, if it was necessary.

This cleanup will hopefully make it possible to clean up the Java stack more quickly, and make life easier for the remaining maintainers of Java packages and the Stewardship SIG.

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