#2118 Emergency vote: BZ #1688462
Closed: Accepted 4 months ago by bowlofeggs. Opened 4 months ago by sgallagh.

We (FESCo) previously agreed that BZ #1688462 was a blocker for F30 GA and that the --setopt workaround was sufficient only for Beta.

The fix has been identified and it's going to be a little bit more invasive than we'd hoped (see the BZ), so the DNF team would like us to reaffirm that we approve making it. It will require pushing changes to support the new approach in fedora-release[1] and updating libdnf to be able to look for a special virtual Provides in the transaction and use that to determine which modular platform to resolve.

We need a decision on this immediately, since Freeze is coming up, so I'm asking FESCo to please use the emergency protocol (+7 votes automatically approves). I'm +1 for making the proper fix here, as I strongly feel that not doing this will result in a sufficiently-large number of upgrade bugs that it will have a powerfully-negative impact on public perception of Fedora 30.

[1] Already built, Bodhi updates pending. This is the least-invasive part of the plan, as it is just adding some new virtual Provides in the fedora-release packages.

CCing also @jmracek so he'll get notified about the responses.

+1 here to orig plan...ie, do push this now. I don't think the workaround is sufficient for a real release.

+1 to push this now; I don't see that asking people to do a CLI workaround to upgrade their machine if they installed anything from a module is reasonable.

+1 to push now, seems to be a fairly nice solution

This is approved with (+7, 0, 0).

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4 months ago

Thanks for the quick responses, folks. I've reported the approval back to BZ #1688462 so the DNF team can get to work on it.

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4 months ago

This change ended up being backwards incompatible, but the Bugzilla ticket and this ticket both did not mention this.

In the future, please make sure FESCo is aware of all relevant details (especially backwards incompatible changes) when proposing a change.

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