#2117 Set skip_if_unavailable=false as default behavior for software management tools
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Do you agree with following change?

Dnf team wants to change the default setting for repo option skip_if_unavailable. The change restores behavior of YUM.

Important updates could be present in temporary unavailable repository, but user can easily overlook it during “dnf update” because the issue is reported as a warning. The behavior is not new, because it was used already by YUM.

Target of the change:
Fedora 29+

Present default behavior:
DNF skips repository that is not accessible or have incorrect metadata (only warning)

Proposed behavior:
DNF fails due to unavailability of repo content.

There is no impact on Fedora repositories because all of them overwrites the default setting to “false” (the same value like proposed new default setting). Only behavior of third parties repositories could change if they do not overwrite the default setting.

I probably would, if you proposed this as a proper change - that ensures it is exposed to the users.

I’m opposed to making this change in a released Fedora, since it’s a big change in behavior. I’d like to see it proposed as an F31 Change. We could also consider whether to include it in F30, but given that we are post-Beta, I’m wary.

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I agree with sgallagh on changing a released Fedora, though I think that F30 could still be okay. There is time to test.

please submit a regular change proposal. fesco recommends targeting fedora 31 (+7, 0, -0)

I'd like to ask that the regular change proposal also cover what will happen with GNOME Software:

A) Has the skip_if_unavailable=false behavior, no extra code changes necessary
B) Has the skip_if_unavailable=false behavior, needs code changes beyond those for dnf
C) Does not have the skip_if_unavailable=false behavior

And if A) or B), the change proposal should cover what the user sees when a failure occurs and they are updating through GNOME Software, and how we expect them to proceed.


Thanks. I'm closing this ticket invalid (as in "nothing to do").

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I will close this ticket - we can wait for @bcotton to file a change ticket for that system-wide change. Weirdly, I'll mark it as a duplicate, since it will duplicate the change ticket.

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