#2112 changing meeting time?
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the time change finally arrived this year, and with the meeting effectively moved one hour later, I have a conflict starting at 15:30 UTC. It's pretty hard for me to move the other thing, and it's an after-school activity, so I wouldn't be able properly attend meeting until summer (the end of the school year).

Would moving the meeting 1h earlier work for others?

Moving one hour earlier would work for me somehow, as it did before the time change.

That said, I now (until mid-May) teach at the university on Mondays before the meeting. I can attend but I will most likely be unprepared fort he meeting. Having the meeting moved to another day would work even better for me.

An hour earlier would be less good for me, but doable.

If we want to pick another day someone likely needs to create a poll.

I could do an hour earlier.

A whenisgood link went to the FESCo mailing list:


(I wasn't there, so posting here in case I was not alone.)

We now have 8 results (@bookwar is still missing), and we're already at an impasse. Miro, any chance you could include some afternoon time? Between you and the east coast people we have almost overlap. Others, please look at the schedule with any place that has one or two dots and maybe change your vote...

I wonder where is is the "change your options" link and I cannot find it.

If absolutely must, I could do Tuesday 1600 or Friday 1500.

@zbyszek I added mine, and we are left with Friday

Thank you all. Friday 3 PM UTC is the only empty slot. The question is whether we should starts at 3 PM (and effectively make the meeting 3-5 PM), which is bad for @churchyard, or start at 2 PM (i.e. the whole meeting 2-4 PM), which is bad for @contyk. @contyk, would you be able to make it to 2 PM, or maybe even 2:30 PM?

note that I considered starts when i filed the chart. 3-5 is somewhat OK.

Also, shall we have the first meeting tomorrow at this time or next week?

If possible, I think we should meet this week. There's a number of things to discuss.

@bowlofeggs I created the new meeting reservation in Fedocal, but you own the previous one, so would you mind clearing it out?

Also, since it's free at this time-slot, I took the liberty of moving us back to #fedora-meeting

On Thu, 2019-04-11 at 12:42 +0000, Stephen Gallagher wrote:

@bowlofeggs I created the new meeting reservation in Fedocal, but you
own the previous one, so would you mind clearing it out?


It was discussed in fedora-devel today that we will not have a meeting today.

Is it possible to keep the meeting on Monday for one extra week? given that next Friday is a public holiday in the US (AFAIK) and CZE as well.

We are meeting on Fridays now, so I will close this.

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