#2106 Activate "issues" on src.fedoraproject.org
Closed: Rejected 2 years ago by jforbes. Opened 2 years ago by ignatenkobrain.


Last time I spoke to @pingou some months ago, he told me that issues were disabled by request of FESCo because of all workflows which are set up around bugzilla. (Hopefully my memory is correct.)

I would like to ask to reconsider this decision because it is much more convenient to open issues in pagure-dist-git and track it there. As additional resources to bugzilla.

And if this is allowed, I would like to adapt non-responsive policy for that.

Seems reasonable. For things which are not strictly bugs, but packaging issues and cleanups and process issues, opening a bug in pagure would be a nice alternative.

It is a big change, and I would file it as a Self-Contained Change and get public discussion for it.

But at least provide more details.

When issues need to be filed in Pagure and when in Bugzilla? For which components? How the developer workflow supposed to change? What is the impact on QE and project management? Should we have set of defined statuses and priorities and their meanings?

Do we have a requirement from Red Hat to keep our issues in Bugzilla?

I'd like to enable this for opt in. I would use it very much for internal tracking of stuff around spec files and CI tests. The problem I see is that users mind misuse it for user facing bugs. But I guess better have issues filed in Pagure than not at all.

I'm not in favor of allowing this unless we move everything to pagure, which I think we need more specific RFE's for pagure completed before really considering.

Having 2 places to report things will cause:
user confusion (I'll just file this here),
and/or duplication (oh, I wonder which place the maintainer looks at most, lets file a ticket AND a bug!)
* and/or break our processes (oh, this pagure ticket is a blocker, but we only track that in bugzilla).

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2 years ago

Activate "issues" on src.fedoraproject.org is rejected, fesco doesn't want there to be more than one source of truth for issues with packages (+7,0,-0)

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2 years ago

For the record, I've opened https://pagure.io/pagure/issue/4369 to track the possibility of having the Issues tab redirect to Bugzilla to at least keep a quick linkage available.

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