#2092 Fedora 31 schedule
Closed: Accepted 3 months ago by psabata. Opened 4 months ago by bcotton.

After soliciting feedback from the Fedora community, I am presenting the Fedora 31 schedule for FESCo approval.

Please consider there is https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Python3.8 proposed. I'm not saying it should change the schedule, but just be aware.

According to the FESCo ticket policy, the next +1 will approve the schedule. Who wants to cast the deciding vote? :-)

I see only one plus. We still need two more, no?

According to the published voting policy:

If the week passes and the required number of votes have not been met, the proposal is extended by one further week and the minimum requirement becomes a single positive "for" vote.

There's some ambiguity there about whether the requirement is an additional "for" vote, or if the presence of an existing "for" vote triggers approval. I'm choosing the former interpretation, since that's the more cautious approach.

I read it that another week need to pass in order for the proposal to be approved.

Anyway. Here's a bummer for the process: I'm +1 conditionally on Changes/Python3.8 being approved for F31 :D

+1 (FWIW: I looked over the schedule, and I see nothing wrong or particularly conflicting, but I don't pretend to grasp all the ramifications.)

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Changes/Python3.8 (#2093) is still undecided, so we're at (+3, 1?, 0). Let's wait for #2093.

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I am sure current schedule page is still in draft mode but this is what I observed.
2019-10-22 Fedora 30 Final Release (GA) (Preferred Target)
2019-10-29 Fedora 30 Final Release (GA) (Target #1)

Fedora 30 should be changed to Fedora 31?

@pnemade if you're referring to the wiki page, that's not the authoritative source, but I have corrected the error. Thanks for letting me know.

* #2092 Fedora 31 schedule  (contyk, 16:01:13)
  * LINK: https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/2092   (contyk, 16:01:18)
  * AGREED: Fedora 31 schedule is APPROVED (+7, 0, -0)  (contyk,

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