#2087 non-responsive maintainer: ravenoak
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I've been maintaining the pysvn package for a number of years since the maintainer disappeared from Fedora, but I'm ready to orphan it. However, the original maintainer, @ravenoak is still listed as the main admin. I'd like to finish the non-responsive maintainer process, have the packaged fully orphaned and then let someone else pick it up if they care enough.

I have functionally been the primary maintainer of this package for many years now. @ravenoak has to the best of my knowledge not been part of this community for at least three years.

I can't produce examples of the maintainer failing to respond to bugs, because I've been answering them. I did however make another public attempt to reach the maintainer last week with no response.

What I'd like to do is have the maintainer declared inactive and their packages all orphaned. I'll then take over pysvn formally, wait a week or two with further pings to the list for a maintainer, then retire the package if no one wants it.

I think it would still be good to file a "please respond" bug in bugzilla, even if it's on the package you maintain.

Note that this does not strictly follows non-responsive maintainer procedure, but I'm OK +1 is as an exception. @sgallagh maintains the package and knows best. Lets transfer pysvn to him.

The only other package (cfengine) is retired.

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Since we requested from others to strictly follow the procedure, I think you should lead by example @sgallagh - or we should change the guidelines to make the outlined procedure the recommended steps and allow requesters to try to convince FESCo even if the steps are not followed completely.

OK, I just did some digging on @ravenoak and pysvn is the only living package they "maintain". So my dealing with pysvn's retirement is functionally identical to finishing the process anyway. I guess we can probably just close this.

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