#2066 Delay mass rebuild by a day, that is on Jan 31st 2019
Closed: Accepted 2 years ago by churchyard. Opened 2 years ago by mohanboddu.

Currently there is an outstanding issue with gcc.

After talking to @jakub, he thinks he can have a fix in place by Jan 30th night, European time.

Is it okay if we can push mass rebuild by a day? What are your thoughts?

FYI, I am not proposing any other changes to the schedule, everything else stays the same.

Chat from irc:

[04:52:16] @jakub_ mboddu: but #1670069 (again, arm issue) is problematic wrong-code
[04:52:57] <mboddu> jakub_: Yeah, I am asking this because, if we need to push mass rebuild, I have to talk to FESCo now
[04:53:08] @jakub_ mboddu: will try to debug it now, but even if that is fixed later today, I'll need 24 hours to build fixed gcc
[04:53:24] @jakub_ mboddu: because arm builders are terribly slow
[04:53:46] <mboddu> jakub_: So, what are your thoughts? Should we push it if FESCo agrees?
[04:54:12] @jakub_ so, if the mass rebuild is to start tomorrow late evening, it could be fine, if before that, it is a problem
[04:55:35] <mboddu> jakub_: How sure are you that it would be fixed by tomorrow late evening?
[04:55:46] @jakub_ anyway, will try my best; but this has been reported just yesterday
[04:56:37] @jakub_ mboddu: I'll know better in a few hours
[04:57:43] <mboddu> jakub_: Okay, could you please keep me in loop (I will also follow the BZ) and I will talk to FESCo about it
[04:58:17] @jakub_ will do
[04:58:18] <mboddu> jakub_: I am not sure where you are located, I am in Brno for this week, so late evening means afternoon in US time
[04:59:54] »» fuhbot gives channel operator status to fweimer
[05:00:23] @jakub_ mboddu: I'm close to Prague, I hope I'll have a fix or workaround tonight CET, + 24 hours for gcc build in koji

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2 years ago

Seems we have a rough patch that should fix this, I'll give ARM maintainers 4 more hours and otherwise will just apply some of the patch and start the build.

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2 years ago

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