#1994 moving FESCo policy docs under docs.fp.o
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From last weeks meeting:
16:20:13 <zbyszek> I started working on converting FESCo wiki pages to antora to make
16:20:13 <zbyszek> them part of docs.fedoraproject.org.
16:20:13 <zbyszek> (History would be preserved in git, but text/formatting would be
16:20:13 <zbyszek> completely redone to go from mediawiki to asciidoc.)
16:20:13 <zbyszek> The advantages are that
16:20:16 <zbyszek> a) there would be better history control and less cruft
16:20:18 <zbyszek> b) it would be possible to file and discuss PRs for changes
16:20:21 <zbyszek> c) FESCo docs would be in the same format as Council docs, and it will be easier to link between them.
16:20:24 <zbyszek> Before I countinue to work on this (the formatting needs a bit of polish, and I missed some pages in the first conversion), I'd like an ack that such conversion is wanted in general. If yes, I'd try to produce a working version before next week's meeting, and I'd ask antora maintainers to provide the necessary hookups. It probably needs to be a separate repo to provide the correct ACLs.
16:20:36 <bowlofeggs> b is compelling
16:20:49 <maxamillion> yeah, I'm in
16:20:55 <maxamillion> +1 for antora
16:21:01 <tyll> +1
16:21:05 <bowlofeggs> +1
16:21:09 <nirik> +10
16:21:11 <jforbes> I don't see a downside there
16:21:12 <jforbes> +1
16:21:16 <contyk> +1
16:21:20 <sgallagh> +1
16:21:42 * bowlofeggs makes some sarcastic joke about how much he likes mediawiki markdown
16:21:47 <zbyszek> OK, thanks, so I'll create a ticket when ready so we can discuss details.

There's two categories that seem relevant:
I excluded pages that are also in Category:Draft and pages which are translations. All translations are outdated.

After deciding on an URL for a repo and populating it, we should patch

My suggestion would be to not modify any of the FESCo docs in the wiki anymore, so that' we don't lose something in the conversion, and then add a header to all wiki pages that the contents have moved. Ideally, the header would be custom to each page and contain a link to the relevant new page. Some pages were renamed, so this would require manual work. This should be tolerable considering that there's only ~10 pages.

The new repo is at https://pagure.io/fesco/fesco-docs.

If some more pages should be moved, let me know. Also comments about formatting/link issues are welcome. PRs even more!

The docs are now live under https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fesco/Previous_Fedora_Engineering_Steering_Committee_Members/. I added links to all wiki pages to point to the new pages.

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