#1891 Election Interview Questions - FESCo (May 2018)
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In order to move forward with the next election, we need to determine which three mandatory questions the FESCo would like to have asked.

The end result is that we need the FESCo to please identify the three questions before May 15th, 2018 so we can properly communicate them to candidates and so they enough time to answer them.

The link to your current questionnaire is here:


In case the selection will not be done till May 15th, then Election wrangler will use the same set of questions as the last election cycle (see FESCo ticket #1805).

I think the questions were fine the last time, I don't mind simply reusing them.

AGREED: Use same three questions from https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/1805#comment-484891, but have election wrangler ask people in the election announcement to ask question to specific candidates on @devel if they want (+5, 0, -0) (sgallagh, 16:02:04)

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