#1800 Election Planning discussion
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From the FESCo meeting on the 8th of December 2017 we briefly touched on the election mishap. We all have an action to do

16:33 < tyll> #action everyone think about how to make sure the next election runs smoothly

In the future, don't run an election during a major infrastructure outage ☺

AGREED: This needs to be picked up in January (5:0:0) (dgilmore, 17:06:09)

From today's FESCo meeting:

FESCO agrees that best practices for elections might include 1) not scheduling them during known infra changes 2) reminding current members to add themselves to the nominee list if they're interested, and 3) bringing back opt-in badges for people who vote, and 4) have a known schedule page with at least one year of upcoming elections

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