#1790 Proposal for 3 week freeze
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Generally we have 2 week freeze time before any release(beta or final). And releng asks QA to give us a RC request by at least a week before release date so that enough testing is done on RC compose and everyone will be ready by Go/No-Go meeting which happens on Thu before the release. But this gives QA just the first one week to test everything and give releng a RC compose request which is not enough most of the times, especially with lots and lots of new things are getting added to Fedora. And, this also makes us slip the release by a week, which we should try to avoid.

So, my proposal is change the freeze time to 3 weeks, which gives QA 2 weeks to test and releng can do more RC composes in those 2 weeks to help QA. With no alpha from F27, we have more time in our hands and I think we can accommodate 2 more weeks(1 week for beta, 1 week for final) easily in the entire release schedule.

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While I find the idea and proposal sane, it would like make things harder on infra (giving us less time to push new releases, fix bugs & so on).
So maybe we could split the freeze and infra would keep the two weeks freeze and releng goes to three weeks?

We will discuss this issue during Friday's FESCo meeting at 16:00UTC in #fedora-meeting on
irc.freenode.net. All interested parties are invited to participate.

CC QA: @adamwill @kparal @tflink

Since infra and releng both have representatives on FESCo, I think we can consider them both to be CC'd already ☺

I'm not entirely sure I agree that the length of the freeze period is the primary cause of delays, but it's difficult to definitely state that it is or it isn't when we haven't tried a longer one.

This issue will be discussed during this week's FESCo meeting on Friday at 16:00UTC in #fedora-meeting on irc.freenode.net.

@pingou infrastructure freezes are a infrastructure issue, FESCo does not dictate that infrastructure freezes.

During today's FESCo meeting, @ausil proposed a compromise: Increase the beta freeze to 3 weeks, but leave the stable freeze at 2 weeks.

I'm +1 to @ausil's proposal of three weeks for beta, and two weeks for final.

AGREED: Add 1 week to beta freeze, and review after Fedora 28 release to see if it was worth while (+5, 2, 2) (nirik, 16:32:23)

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