#1777 Update/Revisit l10n freeze policies
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Currently we have:


which in turn points to:


This policy/page is pretty out of date and hasn't really been followed since about Fedora 11.

FESCo would like to update the policy to something we can easily follow and stick to and that helps our translation teams and package maintainers alike.

We are going to open more discussion on the devel/trans lists about this to gather information, but we need to decide at least:

  • What exact things are frozen? Things like comps make sense to follow Fedora freezes, but do things like anaconda? or system-config-printer?

  • Can we automate some way of enforcing or at least detecting when something changes a string in the freeze?

Follow-up ticket in g11n pagure: #42

Unfortunately, the thread I started on devel@ and CC'd trans@ didn't make it to trans, because I apparently wasn't subscribed :( I started a thread on trans as well:


I strongly hope, many of packages should be able to follow the software string freeze just being implemented recently by Jan. Could you confirm this works on your side? In case not, we have to discuss further.

I understand that you are pointing some specific packages which likely need changes after the deadline, such as comps, anaconda, etc. For these, most likely and hystorically, translation team could/can accommodate late change, if a developer explicitly inform us.

So one step up, let me propose/ask my idea if it works;
Can you of FESCO (and developers) coordinate/collect the information of which packages need to get translation update after the deadline (aka last minute change) from the developers, and inform us with the break list with the date by when the developers would like to receive the translation update?

@noriko what was implemented by Jan? Can you give us details about the policy/process please?

Hi ausil

@noriko what was implemented by Jan? Can you give us details about the policy/process please?รง

New string freeze date and the software translation deadline have been set, and you can see them in the schedule. I would like to obtain the consensus/reconfirmation from FESCO if this fits you.

There was a discussion on mailing list (@noriko has already pointed at) as a follow-up of discussion we (me and @bex) had with representatives of translation team on FLOCK. For F28 we have agreed on the following milestones:

  • Software String Freeze milestone is going to be planned one week after Branching
  • Software Translation Deadline is going to be planned to the same date as Beta Freeze

In case there will be some issues with this timing, we can revisit it for next releases.

I informed FESCo in ticket #1761, however it was probably overlooked and a parallel thread on mailing list has been started.

Thank you jkurik for the ticket#1761, now I fully understand, and sorry messed up the thread.

Sure. The F28 schedule already reflects the result of this discussion.

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