#177 Are the Adobe CMap files in ghostscript & poppler-data code or content?
Closed None Opened 12 years ago by spot.

In accordance with the Code vs Content guidelines, "All content is subject to review by FESCo, who has the final say on whether or not it can be included.", I'm passing this item for review by FESCo.

Ghostscript (and poppler-data) include a set of Adobe CMap files which are under a license that only permits unmodified redistribution. A further description of the files is available here:

The question before FESCo is this:

"Are the CMap files considered as code or content?"

I'm of the opinion that the CMap files are content, but just barely, however, it is up to FESCo to decide whether they are code or content. Please put this on the agenda for the next FESCo meeting.

Sorry for the delay in updating tickets from last week. It was decided that the CMap files are content, however, whether or not they are copyrightable was brought up.

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